Sunday, November 2, 2008

Election and America's Future

Two days before one of the most important elections in my lifetime and I really don't know who will come out on top. The mainstream press thinks it knows but in the end, only the voters who show up on Tuesday actually know.

It doesn't really matter who wins Tuesday, it only matters what the winner does beginning January 20. Here are some of our pressing concerns:

  • Will we continue to add to our unbelievable debt to bail out self-centered corporate executives or suffer through a period of depression that teaches a whole new generation the lessons learned in the 30's?
  • Will we continue to expand federal government and control over our lives or return to our constitutional roots of local government and individual freedom?
  • Will we continue to support Islamic radicals by purchasing foreign oil or slam the door shut on terrorism once and for all by drilling at home and developing alternative fuels?

These are just a few questions for the next president.

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