Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Purpose of Education?

We seem to be running in circles when it comes to defining the vision of K-12 education. I'm not sure you can get a single group of people to agree on what the purpose of schooling is:

1. Is it primarily intended to prepare students to work in corporate America? Should we be including more focus on vocational and work skills?

2. Is it mainly the goal to prepare students for acceptance into a college or university? Is that why the ACT has become an integral part of our high stakes testing program?

3. Should it be to foster the arts and creativity in students, or develop deep thinking analytical skills?

4. Or should it be primarily focused on developing an appreciation and love for learning, for exploring new ideas and concepts, and for appreciating knowledge not just as a tool for the future but an end-product by design?

5. If it's some of each, how much of each and what has greater importance?

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