Friday, July 30, 2010

The Value of Twitter

Here's a short synopsis of how a generous (and well-written) blog beget a Tweet which beget a re-Tweet which beget a positive online newspaper article (which is still begetting additional Tweets and Facebook links), all in less than eight hours.  Follow the posts:

It began with @pammoran:

@colonelb mention GL in this post

Sent to Godfrey-Lee Public School's Facebooks site:

GLPS is cited in national blog by Virginia superintendent for our technology initiatives....

I replied to @pammoran:

Thanks, Pam! You're taking the right step forward! RT @pammoran: mention GL in this post

Then, @ronhoutman Tweeted this:

Godfrey-Lee inspiring educators by not banning iPhones- Great forward thinking and leadership by @colonelb #edtech

Which again, was forwarded to the Godfrey-Lee Facebook page:

The Grand Rapids Press: Godfrey-Lee inspiring other educators by using -- not banning -- iPhones, other devices...

I responded to @ronhoutman:

@ronhoutman That was quick. Thanks for the mention. #edtech

And let @pammoran know:

@pammoran - Your Edurati blog hit The Grand Rapids Press via @ronhoutman @ReporterDMurray

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