Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog 4 Real Education Reform - The Sequel

Aaannnddd, action!

On November 22, hundreds of voices nation-wide put their thoughts in writing and submitted some fabulous posts for the National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform. I'm still in the process of reading and pondering some great posts on how we at the grass-roots level believe true education reform is occurring.

On January 1, we'll enter the first year of the 20-teens, a decade that is promising to be both tumultuous and exhilarating for public education.  For one, we'll be experiencing the continuing convergence -- a sort of critical mass -- of a weak economy combining with expanding technology which, politics aside, will serve as the fulcrum for deconstructing last century's factory-style education system and rebuilding off a totally new vision for delivering K-12 education.

I don't know about you, but it's definitely enough excitement to keep me in the game for the next ten years, God-willing!

This New Years, we can take another giant step forward by once again coming together in a grassroots effort to contribute the ACTION STEPS each of us plans to take at the start of the new decade to further positive educational reform in our classrooms, school houses, districts across the country.  What specifically will YOU do, what will you initiate, or how will you further sustain an initiative that will change or is changing the nature of learning for staff and/or students in your school?

Let's simply call it Blog 4 Real Education Reform - The Sequel.

By January 1, each of us commits to blogging a contribution to our collective ACTION PLAN for re-tooling, re-inventing, and re-imagining what we're going to do to turn the corner on 21st century learning. We've talked about it for ten or more years - now it's time to take the hill.

Let's plan on posting our blog contributions during the week leading up to January 1, 2011 (between Christmas and New Years). This gives us plenty of time to think deeply about our own personal commitment to change and the actions we'll need to take to influence others to do the same.

We'll follow the same route we took on November 22.  Use the Twitter hashtag #blog4reform and a website will be provided as we near that week for posting a link to your blog.

Change is coming. Our struggling economy and rapidly expanding technology will be players. The question is what will we do to take advantage of these and other forces to build the best educational system in the world?

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