Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Appreciation for our Teaching Team


Today is Teacher Appreciation Day in Michigan, part of an entire week devoted to expressing gratitude for the wonderful work our teachers - past and present - have done with kids. Teachers live in the middle of two worlds right now.  On one side are the minions of public school haters and union-bashing simpletons who have historically belittled the profession and blamed the results of their poor choices in life on teachers and public schools. Lately, they've been joined by the bastion of politicians, boy billionaires, and pretend educational leaders who have upped the visibility of the attacks and are now resorting to budgetary means of destroying the profession.  On the other side - the kids. Their wonderful smiles, daily struggles, and naive quest to understand how the world works reinforce why we sought the teaching profession and why we continue to remain despite the growing obstacles that make it harder every day to succeed.

I can remember every teacher I ever had and the many times they were there when I needed them most. It wasn't always to celebrate great achievements or even simple understanding.  Sometimes it was to reinforce the consequences of heading off in the wrong direction.  For the latter, I appreciate them the most. I don't quite recall if I ever expressed that appreciation at the time (I'm sure I didn't) but in life's rear-view mirror, I'm greatly indebted to them.

So here's to an awesome Godfrey-Lee teaching team! You are my heroes and certainly the heroes of hundreds of students who have graced your classrooms. While it may feel now that you are in a war zone with the future of your kids, your classrooms, and your careers at stake, know that every day you make a difference in the lives of many and you, more than any other person or profession, positively impact the future of our world.

Thank you!

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