Thursday, February 9, 2012

Governor Snyder's K-12 Budget Continues to Equate Student Learning to Widget Production

It's apparent that a year on the job has done little to change the Governor's mind or enlighten him on the intricate processes of teaching and learning. It's no wonder. His minions of cheerleaders are about as narrowly focused as he is, as this particular excerpt quoted in the Governor's just-released two-year budget plans shows:

“Read through Snyder’s proposed education
reforms, and it’s clear he understands how
you go about producing an excellent product,
which in the case of education, means kids
who are ready to perform in the workforce.”
Dan Calabrese, The Michigan View,
April 29, 2011

And then we wonder why our kids are slipping more and more when it comes to advancing student learning and achievement. By the Governor's measure, as interpreted by Mr. Calabrese, its just a matter of producing "excellent product" ready to become mind-numbed robots in the corporate workforce.

Then there are others who think that improving student learning means we only invest in higher standards, more testing and increased accountability, aka, more shaming of schools and teachers when their poor, urban, English language deficient children can't miraculously catch up overnight to their peers in more affluent suburban districts. Equity of opportunity is not even in the lexicon of Republicans and their business partners.

“I believe the Governor’s plan goes a long
way toward creating the system of standards,
measurements and accountability that
Michigan so desperately needs.”
Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press,
April 28, 2011

Guess we just have to weigh the cows even more, but in the Governor's "enhanced" carrot-crazed plans, we won't be able to afford to feed the cows until the end of the year.

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