Saturday, April 21, 2012

The hidden questions behind Caine and his Arcade

You have to watch this amazing short video about Caine's Arcade. You'll be puzzled, you'll smile, you'll choke up and all at once. Have tissue in hand.

Then, you might even get mad and wonder why learning can't be more like this for every kid like Caine.

And to think no one had to test little Caine or his Arcade's learning outcomes to determine if he was proficient. No one checked to see if it was aligned with the government-mandated curriculum or met the state's one-size-fits-all graduation requirements.

No data was collected on his "teachers" and no one was fired over the results. No schools were labeled as failures or closed.

Yet he learned! How the hell could that happen without state or federal intervention?

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  1. I first saw this post at @ddmeyer's site and fell in love with Caine. He had wonderful support from his father. He also had access to space and supplies. (I was reminded how powerful social networking could be.)
    I'm afraid much of state and federal "intervention" depletes the natural joy of learning (and teaching).
    Thanks, David!


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