Friday, November 2, 2012

Two new posts on school funding inequity

Thank you for taking your head out of the sand and at least showing a bit of curiosity in the funding inequity problem.

Texas is the center of the universe right now as far as legal action to force equitable funding of public schools. As the writer in these new posts observe, equitable funding is not asking for more funding, just a measure of equity in addressing high-needs students, schools and districts so that all students have the opportunity to meet the high, one-size-fits-all college and career readiness goals set by state (and now national) curriculums.

Well worth reading this weekend:

For more detail specific to Michigan, one of the lowest ranked states as far as public school funding equity goes, read my posts at:

Response to the Michigan Education Finance Act of 2013 Project (includes a comprehensive listing of my previous posts and other research highlighting the continuing problem of inequity in K-12 public school funding) 

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