Thursday, December 6, 2012

DeVos is back in the school privatization debate -- with a vengence!

Dick DeVos, one of only several conservatives acting as puppeteers of the current Michigan governor and Republican-dominated legislature, is back in the anti-public education arena under the guise of "right to work" and restructuring public education funding.

One of the most surprising assertions of the night was Dick DeVos' statement that "the people of Michigan will not see a stronger advocate for public education than me" (emphasis added) even as he has taken an active role in the national voucher and privatization movement, including the formation of the group All Children Matter (ACM) in the spring of 2003 in order to coordinate a national movement in support of pro-voucher political candidates.

DeVos attended public schools in the Forest Hills system back when it was a small, rural district. He graduated from Northwood Institute (a small, private business-oriented college) but failed to complete his studies at the Harvard Business School. He has a slew of honorary degrees most likely from his penchant for having the DeVos name hanging on the front entrances of buildings.

Watch for DeVos' money flowing freely in 2013 to support the Oxford Plan (his two buddies chair that group and authored the draft) and other anti-public education measures. If what he had said back in 2006 was accurate and he truly supported public schools, he would use his wealth and bully pulpit instead to move Michigan towards a more equitable funding scheme that would support public education reforms leading to higher academic achievement.

But that's not Dick's true colors.

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