Thursday, March 13, 2014

A plan to fully fund Michigan's classrooms

A plan to fully fund Michigan's classrooms | The Detroit News

Late last month, a diverse group of public education leaders and advocates proposed an education budget that makes our children the top priority by redirecting existing resources to where they are needed most — the classroom. Superintendents, principals, school boards, teachers, parents and others across Michigan are all uniting around our “Classrooms and Kids” budget proposal and are calling on the Legislature to support this common-sense plan.

Very simply, our plan would remove several burdensome special pots of money and instead reallocate those same dollars directly into per-pupil grants for every student across the state. Many times, these special pots of money simply end up serving as a mechanism that unintentionally picks winners and losers among kids, rather than helping them all.
The result is that the “Classrooms and Kids” plan would provide increases of between $250-$291 per pupil, this builds upon the governor’s proposed increase of $83-$111.

“Classrooms and Kids” is a common-sense plan that finds important savings and resources without raising taxes and provides local school officials more flexibility to best address priorities of their local schools.

All schools — and kids — are winners under the “Classrooms and Kids” plan, which is why legislators from both parties have publicly pledged their support.

From The Detroit News:

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