Thursday, March 26, 2015

Michigan Once Again Called Out Nationally for Inequitable Funding of Schools

Michigan continues to miss the mark badly when it comes to closing funding gaps, especially to provide equitable educational opportunities for students in poverty (as well as with limited English proficiency). That's according to a new study by The Education Trust just recently released.

The table below from the report shows just how badly Michigan is performing in this critical benchmark.  Our state ranks in the bottom third.

Interestingly, Amber Arellano, executive director, and Sunil Joy, policy and data analyst for The Education Trust-Midwest just wrote a guest commentary for The Center for Michigan's Bridge calling out the state for its achievement gaps and the need to continue to hold schools accountable. In the article, they place Massachusetts on a pedestal for what they've been able to accomplish holding fast over the past couple decades.

Of course, what Ms. Arellano and Mr. Joy continue to ignore is the disparity in equitable funding between Michigan and Massachusetts. The chart above, coupled with the evidence cited by both in their commentary, clearly demonstrates that equitably (not equally) distributed funding based on student needs is key to higher achievement levels.

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