Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We're killing empathy in our kids

Attacking a referee in a football game? Pulling off an opposing player's helmet and hitting him with it? Smearing icy hot ointment in a player's eyes? What the heck is going on? Maybe we know but aren't willing to admit it.

I believe we are beginning to experience the depravity that may come from a general lack of free play by kids, especially in their early years. Free play, particularly with multi-ages teaches empathy, caring, as well as creativity and communications. Kids are growing up with this significant developmental void because (1) parents unjustifiably lock their kids in at home instead of allowing them free play time with other kids in the neighborhood and (2) society has forced schools to turn the youngest years into test-prep, sit-in-your-seat, segregated-by-age, learning activities instead of freedom to learn through play and discovery with a variety of age groups. As a result, more and more research shows that kids are growing up lacking empathy and becoming more self-centric. 

I recommend reading a series of articles from Peter Gray, author of a great book titled, "Freedom to Learn. "https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-learn

And if you haven't watched these three videos in the past weeks, you should.

Video: Some High School Football Jerk Smeared IcyHot In His Opponent's Eyes: LAist

Football players suspended for doing this to ref

Linden player hits Immaculata player with helmet

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