Monday, May 23, 2016

Future of Public Education: A possible scenario

So here's a conceivable scenario for the future if radical legislators and corporate hacks continue pushing charters on a public that chooses to remain ignorant of the problem:

1. Traditional public schools will disappear because a dual tax-supported system is not sustainable over time.

2. Corporations that run charters will open and close them at will, shutting them down entirely in areas where the profit margins are low.

3. As corporate-run charters become a majority of schools, corporations will demand more public dollars to compete in the marketplace and will use political money and power to force state legislature's hands.

4. Like runaway college and university costs, the demand for entrance by the "average student" will force costs at corporate charters and private schools to skyrocket.

5. Legislation will materialize to allow corporate charters to charge a variety of fees and possibly tuition to keep up with rising costs and greater demand; by now the traditional public school system will pretty much have disappeared due to bankruptcies and apathy.

6. The percentage of children uneducated in formal school settings will skyrocket due to their local schools having closed and inability of the corporate charter system to expand to meet 100% of the non-private-school demand.

7. I'll let you fill in the consequences to our society from this point on.

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