Saturday, June 4, 2016

Michigan school funding, choice policies hurting local districts (Arsen, MSU)

Michigan school funding, choice policies hurting local districts | MSUToday | Michigan State University

“Michigan has focused on policies to mostly reprimand school districts in trouble with their fund balances, assuming the problem is attributed to poor decision-making by local leaders,” said Arsen, pointing to the state’s emergency manager law and other policies that place sanctions on districts. 
“In terms of local spending, some decisions matter but overall the impact is small. What does matter are changes in the school district’s per-pupil foundation allowance and their enrollment, especially where school choice and charters are most prevalent.” 
"Since Proposal A passed in 1994, Michigan has seen one of the nation’s most dramatic shifts in financial responsibility for public schools from local tax revenues to a centralized per-student funding system. In recent years, the state has experienced a significant increase in the number of school districts facing financial stress."

Interesting that nearly all of the financial stress problems for districts came AFTER the state legislature and governor took over the public school funding system in 1995. They did so by promising a more "equitable" funding formula but that went out the window after the first seven years. Now it's just a huge hammer for a few agenda-driven political hacks in Lansing to carry out their mission of crippling public schools until the last one closes. If they don't, the state's big money interests will knock them out of the batter's box in the August primary elections.
And the people still sleep.

Also read:…/k-12-funding-in-michigan-co…/ because it's based on fact, not political spin.

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