Sunday, January 8, 2017

We often have no idea what kids are going through!

Just this week I found this in three of our little ones: 
I learned of the pain of a child who's father "had to run far away and never come back because the guys that killed his friend are gonna kill my daddy if they ever see him and now I have to get a new daddy and I don't want one." 
I learned from another that something is happening at home that he knows is wrong, "but if I tell you I will get in trouble because my mom said I can't say." 
I learned from a tiny one that "when I get so mad I can't hear my teacher and she thinks I'm not listening but I am, I just can't hear her, and then I get in more trouble." 
We see these peanuts everyday and we don't even know what they carry to school with them.  Thank you for being aware, for looking for more than the obvious, for journeying with them and teaching with tenderness.
These tell the story all by themselves. I have nothing more to add except to wonder how our newest Secretary of Education-nominee will have any empathy for these youngsters and their challenged teachers?

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