Thursday, October 13, 2016

Another Day, Another Misguided Discussion in Lansing About High-Stakes Testing

State Superintendent outlines proposed changes to how Michigan students are tested |

Continuously changing narrow, high-stakes testing of content that's mainly forgotten three months later makes absolutely no sense, and is simply pandering to those who advocate for education reforms that are harmful to student learning and focused on the industrial model of schooling. 

What we need are localized assessments focused on 21st century learning skills (6Cs, etc) that are designed around showing what one has learned (not knowing short-term memorized content) by doing, exhibiting, making, and creating. 

Tell your state senator and representative that enough is enough. Lansing needs to back off. They've done more than enough damage already.

Learn more about how and why schools should redesign learning and assessment through the documentary film, Most Likely to Succeed. If you haven't yet, bring a viewing to your district and/or community. It provides a great discussion starter for how to break the bonds from our industrial-age school model and provide learning spaces and activities that benefit our 21st century students.

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