Monday, September 12, 2016

Pretty nice gig!

With the election looming large, help me understand this.
Our state legislators in Michigan are paid $71,685 plus $10,800 in expenses and a mileage reimbursement of .54/mile. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, their compensation is considered the fourth highest in the U.S.
The House has 85 session days scheduled in this current calendar year, yet Michigan's House and Senate are considered one of only eleven FULL-TIME state legislative bodies in the U.S.
Ignoring the expense account and mileage reimbursement, but taking into account their 85 day session year, they are actually paid a daily rate equivalent to a teacher who might earn $156,020 per year. I don't know any teachers who earn that much, but given what they are paid I do question the attitude of our legislature when it comes to the continuing reductions in school funding, after factoring in inflation.
And are they really a FULL-TIME legislature? I don't know too many full-time employees who work just 85 days per year. Do you?

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