Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Office Day!

As a superintendent, even in a small district like ours, it gets very easy to bunker in at the administration office, particularly when dealing with perennial budget deficits and other administrative matters. I use technology quite a bit to create a transparent leadership style and provide staff, students and parents with real-time communications, but technology cannot adequately substitute for personal contact and live experiences in the classroom.

I decided to set aside at least one full day each week to being out of the office and in the schools. Calling it "no office day," I have tried setting time aside before but usually it wound up being squeezed and crowded out by "important" meetings and other emergencies.  The difference this time is that I've locked out the ability of anyone to schedule any appointments during "no office day," and I've given specific instructions to my executive assistant not to tamper with this schedule.  In addition, my iPad provides me with an adequate but non-intrusive way of staying connected with the most critical of my administrative duties.  Otherwise, on "no office day," the central office staff is in charge of the district while I re-connect with the very reasons I retired from military service and took up a career in educational leadership in the first place: students, teachers, and learning.