Saturday, December 15, 2012

An apology to the community and our state leaders

This past week’s political activities in Lansing, Michigan were upsetting to many as evidenced by media reports and the many comments made through social media across the Internet. Concerns for our district and our students – now and in the future – put me in the middle of this conflict and I admit that I let my emotions cloud my professional judgment. As a result, I made statements on my personal Twitter account about two of our elected representatives – Rep. Lisa Lyons and Rep. Dave Agema – that I sincerely regret and I apologize to both as well as the entire Godfrey-Lee community.


I firmly believe it is important to advocate for the needs of our community and the future of our children, but to do so with the utmost professionalism especially since our students watch and learn from everything we do.  I’m in a position as superintendent not only to demonstrate for our students how to effectively use the advocacy tools available in our political system, but to do so by focusing on the point of disagreement without resorting to name-calling and personal conflict. While I realize that many these past weeks have resorted to a lower level of debate, it does not excuse my inappropriate use of social media and disrespectful comments regarding Representatives Lyons and Agema. We may disagree on the political process and product, but I truly believe that each of us are seeking what we believe to be in the best interest of Michigan’s children and our state's future.

I regret shining a light on the Godfrey-Lee community that is not deserved.