Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Privatization or Public Investment in Education?

Privatization or Public Investment in Education? | Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education
"The data suggest that the education sector is better served by a public investment approach that supports each and every child than by a market-based, competition approach that creates winners...and losers. While competition might work in sports leagues, countries SHOULD NOT [emphasis added] create education systems in which children lose in the classroom." 
Source: http://tinyurl.com/jdt2hu9
"...mechanisms such as vouchers, charters, and markets allow for private firms to compete in the education market, under the argument that increased competition will provide consumers (students and families) with a greater choice, thus increasing quality. However, in practice, public education contains different constraints than business markets, most notably the obligation of providing EVERY CHILD [emphasis added] with a high-quality education. Therefore,..., privatizing education has accompanied lower and/or more disparate student performance, likely because markets operate with different principles than the requirements of public sectors."