Monday, October 21, 2013

Just the Cold, Hard Reality About School Funding

Our district received it's state school aid payment today. The status report that accompanies the payment reminded us that in FY 1995, our foundation allowance per pupil was $5,365. Had this simply kept up with inflation, our current foundation allowance (according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics) would be $8,234.

But, it's not.

This year, owing to a very modest increase (before the state recoups the higher costs of a retirement system it's policies are bankrupting), our foundation allowance is $7,064, which is $410 lower per pupil than it was before Governor Snyder took the reins. That amortizes out to an average reduction the past three years of $450 per student, or approximately $828,750 less in general fund revenue each year to operate our classrooms and schools (without even considering the inflation rate).

No doubt we'll keep hearing Governor Snyder expound on how he thinks he has poured billions into public schools since taking office. Unfortunately, he resides in an alternate universe far removed from the realities of struggling public schools.